Tea Tree Tangle

Tea Tree Tangle
Tea Tree Tangle

A signature TreeSpirit image, “Tea Tree Tangle” is one of the most popular in the collection, I love this its melding of serpentine wood with curving flesh, of human to tree.  I’m so often striving to depict this communion I feel in TreeSpirit photographs.

This was made in very a public place, on a weekday afternoon, just fiften feet from one of the main roadways in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  The spot in sandy soil this trees has been drawing its nutrients from is just two miles from the Pacific Ocean.  In many ways the environment is similar to this tree’s native Australia, and hence its massive growth in 80-100 years.

I’d passed by this tangle many times, even noticing P,G&E utility workers lunching here, sitting on these same branches — though wearing clothes and with hardhats at their feet.  I wondered what they’d make of today’s scene.

In addition, a child’s soccer game was in progress across the roadway and I grew concerned some soccer Moms or Dads might be upset with the nudity.  Being a Californian now, I told myself to just relax and breathe and focus on my intention: we were here to make art celebrating this gorgeous Australian Tea Tree’s enormous, labyrinthine growth.

The women lay very still.  I moved slowly, spoke quietly.  I believe our quiet group’s heartfelt intention created an energy field slower, some would say different vibration, than the world around us.

Cars, bicycles, and pedestrians occasionally passed by for the hour we were there, of which maybe 20 minutes was without clothing.  We received a few glances and smiles, but no objections or interference.

Was this due to the famously free-spirited inhabitants of San Francisco?  Or was it the magic we created by being quiet, gentle and emanating love for these trees?  The answer, of course, is, “Yes.”

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All sales support TreeSpirit’s mission to raise awareness of the critical role trees, forests, and the natural world play in our lives.


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