Sacred Trees & Ancient Sites of ENGLAND

2019 England tour: July 31st – Aug 7th




England-Sacred-Trees-Ancient-Sites-2019-TreeSpirit-Project-flyer-v3-800p-WEB.jpgA ONE-OF-KIND TRIP FOR LOVERS OF TREES, NATURE, THE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE & HER ANCIENT MYSTERIES.

Journey across the English countryside—and through time.  Our small group will dive deep into living history by spending time with sacred, historic and beloved trees hundreds of years old.  We’ll enjoy a long, languorous day immersed in an ancient yew forest with many trees literally over 1,000 years old.

In addition to our splendor in the wood, we’ll visit Neolithic stone monoliths from the dawn of European civilization.  The majority of our time will be enjoyed away from the madding, chit-chatting crowds that often interfere with the profound reverence and joy these ancient trees and rocks can stir in us.

Our purpose is to dive deep, NOT check off a list of sites seen.  We consciously create a mix of play and ritual — just as making TreeSpirit photos on our tour is certainly a mix of both.  Our focus is honoring our sacred, heartfelt and mystical relationship with historic trees shrouded in history and stone monoliths older than any of our great, great, great, great grandparents.

You will have numerous photo opportunities with TreeSpirit Project’s founder and photographer, Jack Gescheidt, to memorialize your experiences and arboreal communing.  (See examples in TreeSpirit’s gallery of fine art photographs.)

NOTE: Participating in “TreeSpirit” fine art photographs is an optional, additional opportunity offered to those who would love a tasteful, artistic, photo-documentation of your being with a tree in heartfelt presence.

READ TESTIMONIALS to learn more about the power of this art-making experience.

VIDEO:  MEET YOUR trees & henges TOUR GUIDES, Cara Gardner & Jack Gescheidt:


Trees are living doorways into ancient times and journeys of the heart.

Reap the sensory, emotional and spiritual benefits of slowing down and diving deep among the ancient spirits of England’s landscape; trees, sky, and stone in their disparate and mesmerizing forms.

This trip is intended as an antidote to today’s modern, frenetic, technological pace, too often leading us simultaneously everywhere quickly — yet nowhere actually fulfilling.  Our pace will be more attuned to  that of the ancient places we visit, so we slow down, feel more, and enjoy more.

Along with our travels to centuries-old English trees, we will visit the far older, world-renowned henges (circle) sites — including at Stonehenge and Avebury.

These circles of stones were created literally thousands of years ago so their origins remain shrouded in mystery.  They are imbued with powerful, Old World energies still accessible to this day…to those who choose to slow down from the fast pace of modern life and clarify this intention.  Hence…


Cara Gardner…

OUR CO-LEADER, Cara Gardner, is an Ireland-trained shamanic practitioner who offers gentle guidance to those in our group who would like to access the energies and wisdom still available in these magical, healing places.

The opportunities for these kind of mystical connections is what draws thousands of people from around the world—regardless of whether they know it consciously or not.

You might feel a connection with ancestors and/or access a sense of peace and stillness here, in effect unlocking your connection to source, or God, or whatever you choose to call the greater wisdom and perspective that most of us yearn for in our busy minds and restless hearts.


Between visits to sacred trees, bathe in the energy of Neolithic stone sites.


Ancient artifacts…

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a mysterious allure for billions of people around the world. Legends and contemporary reports tell of extraordinary experiences people have had while visiting these places.

Different sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart. What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power?


Special guest host Philip Carr-Gomm

A RETURN TREAT: we are thrilled to announce that English author, psychologist and lecturer Philip Carr-Gomm — current leader of England’s Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids 
— will again meet with us in 2019 for at least one full day together. This is a rare opportunity to spend intimate time with this knowledgeable, caring, and charming gentlemen.

Philip will meet with us among ancient yew trees, to properly introduce us to these oldest, most sacred and legendary of England’s trees.  TO QUOTE PHILIP:

Something magical happens when the worlds of mysticism and psychology are brought together. Every discipline in psychology helps to reveal the extraordinary nature of the human being, but add the insights of the Perennial Wisdom Tradition – the ancient knowledge and esoteric teachings passed down through the ages – and we enter awe-inspiring territory that has the power to transform us.



NOTE: We will spend far more time with each magnificent old tree than any typical tour does, or even most tree tours.  We don’t rush by them, on to the next, merely checking off having seen them.  We will picnic with trees, weather permitting or (beneath and sheltered from rain) as appeals to the group.

So if settling down beneath a giant tree with a striking presence is your idea of a rare good time, this is the trip for you.  You will be among like-minded, outdoors-adoring friends.

Our group is intentionally kept small in order to be intimate (no more than 10 people).  We will honor the sacredness in slowing down, to more fully and profoundly enjoy our emotional and spiritual connection with these dear old friends.  We live in a magnificent, mysterious world and our communing with these unique aged trees can connect us to the mystery and beauty that pulses within our own hearts.  This communion is one of the great, quiet, and profound gifts trees offer us, and one of TreeSpirit’s core missions.H


VIDEO: A participant explains how he came to sit beneath a 1,600-year-old yew tree in a church cemetery in England:



The TreeSpirit trip to England was not just a vacation for me – it was a pilgrimage, though I didn’t know that when I signed up.  I was going through some difficult times personally, and the advertisement for the trip just spoke to me, with a message that this is what I needed to start to heal.  I got in touch with Jack and his kind, accommodating manner drew me in right away.  The trip was everything I could have imagined and more.  I met wonderful people who I know I’ll stay in touch with for a very long time – we became like a family.

We visited amazing, beautiful trees that deeply touched my soul and psyche in ways that I hadn’t expected.  Participating in the TreeSpirit photographs was liberating, as someone who has struggled with body image issues my whole life.  Jack is kind, caring, sensitive and compassionate and made it all okay.  With Cara’s shamanic power and guidance, I felt my own spirituality deepen and reveal itself.  Visiting the ancient sites, I was able to connect with my ancestors and Earth energy in a way that was comforting and energizing at the same time.  This trip, for me, was an inoculation against modern city life and no doubt I’ll sign up for a booster shot soon.  – Beth (Brooklyn, NY)


Woodland-Trust-LOGO-no-BG.pngEngland is a country filled with jaw-dropping old trees, and fellow tree lovers.  England even has an annual “Tree of the Year” contest sponsored by their Woodland Trust, the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK that ensures public access to its over 22,500 hectares of woods. The Trust has over 1/2-million supporters and 30 millions tree plantings since 1972.  We will be visiting some of these selected “winners” (bearing in mind that every tree is a beloved “winner” to us).


Just one of the ancient living trees we’ll spend quality time with…


NOTE: We intentionally keep most of the itinerary confidential because we want this trip to be chock-full of surprises, from the magnificent trees to the variety of charming country inns and other lodging we’ve arranged.  If surprises and the adventure of not knowing every detail appeals; if you feel drawn by the photos and words on this page, then this trip may be right for you.

If spending a full day with one remarkable, giant old tree appeals to you instead of boring you, then this trip is perfect for you; you will be among like-minded, tree-loving friends.

You can also CONTACT JACK and set up a chat to learn more.


Gather here with us…

• Our group gathers for our journey at a stunning 1859 Victorian Gothic country house on the River Thames outside London.  Join us here, bask in its old world charm, explore the grounds, the Thames it overlooks with, appropriately, an array of collected and imported trees on the grounds. including, to our amusement, giant sequoias brought all the way from exotic California. 🙂  We arrange everything for you for the following week, including transportation, lodging, most meals (except 2 nights & 2 afternoons you’re freed to explore the charming towns we visit), plus all tickets & permits for our week’s adventures.

• For 7 days we travel to different countryside locations, mixing sacred trees, a ancient forest with trees 1,000 and 2,000 years old, and even more ancient, Neolithic sites.  The details of our itinerary are a secret, so you’ll have surprises along the way.  But some highlights include the mysterious, ancient yew trees of Kingley-Vale forest, the town of Avebury’s with millennium-old stone monuments, and of course Stonehenge (if only to appreciate the lack of crowds at all our other stops).  More of our itinerary may be revealed by request while in conversation with you.)


We gather each night…

• Enjoy the atmosphere of varied, charming, historic English bed & breakfasts.  Each night we’ll share about our day’s experiences and become a tight-knit group. But you’ll have a couple of nights to wander on your own.  Our evening circles are a highlight of this unique tour and our unique intention of connecting less with spirits imbibed, and more with the spirit of the historic trees and places dotting the countryside.  For those of European descent, this may be the land of your ancestors.

Your experiences will deepen every day, as our group gradually builds collective trust, creating safety and precious depth of connection.  This is possible when people intentionally, consciously, slow down, together.  Make lifelong friendships in our group of fellow nature-loving travelers.  This unique, heartfelt trip is designed to attract unique, heartfelt people.

Jack Gescheidt will offer “TreeSpirit” photo opportunities at several trees during the tour.  All are optional.  You may know in advance you’d love to participate in them.  Or you may plan not to participate, but like a “regular” (aka, clothed) professional portrait with our English tree friends.  Either way, you are welcome to change your mind at any time.

Read Testimonials of what some of the powerful experiences people have had while making TreeSpirit photos.  These can be unexpectedly liberating, joyous, even healing as we accept our bodies as beautiful just as they are, rather than how our society conditions us to conform to unrealistic or narrow definitions of beauty.  With or without clothing, expressing affection and rapport with trees, our ancient emotional and spiritual allies in life, is always rewarding.

• Cara Gardner (see bio below) will offer guidance, counseling and invite us into mystical connection with spirit in our surroundings at numerous times, at our locations and at our evening gatherings.  All this will be offered and tailored as the group, and you, desire  All are welcomed to participate as feels right in each moment.

• Philip Carr-Gomm (bio below) will join us one for at least one full day, guiding us into the ancient yew forest of Kingley-Vale, perhaps with some fellow Druids.  This is a unique opportunity to spend intimate time with this world-renowned author, lecturer and Druid leader.


Jack-Gescheidt-headshot-crop-square-CU-color-200p.jpgJack Gescheidt Co-leader Jack will offer numerous opportunities for you to share your experiences with our group as we get to know each other better over our week together.  And of course participate in unique fine art “TreeSpirit” photos, where possible.  (The British are not as terrified of bare bodies as Americans.) Jack is an environmental art photographer, environmental activist, public speaker, and founder of The TreeSpirit Project. READ MORE ABOUT JACK

Cara-Gardner-Heartland-Healing-Arts-reaching-out-crop-square-215p-WEBCara Gardner – Deepen your experiences by participating in healing ceremonies and meditations during our adventures with co-leader Cara, a Shamanic Practitioner in the Celtic tradition, Reiki Master, trained counselor and clairvoyant with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. (Also a professional photographer.)

Cara’s wisdom and gentle presence puts people at ease, feeling at home in their own skin. Founder, Heartland Healing Arts:

philip-carr-gomm-portrait-350p-WEB Philip Carr-Gomm – We are thrilled to have Philip as our special Guest Host joining us for at least one full day.  An author, therapist, and world-renowned Druid scholar, and leader of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids since 1988.  This is a rare opportunity to spend intimate time with this charming, erudite historian and teacher.

“Though my spiritual practice is rooted in Druidry, I believe we have entered an era in which we can move beyond labels and follow the Nameless Way – being inspired by the wisdom in all spiritual paths and teachings…particularly…ways in which we can preserve and protect the natural world for future generations.” – Philip Carr-Gomm

JULY 31 thru AUGUST 7, 2019.  Contact Jack to register.

PRICING: $3645 with double occupancy (add $450 for single occupancy)
DEPOSITS: (guarantee your spot and fee, otherwise subject to change w/o notice due to fluctuating exchange rates): ⅓ trip fee: $1215 or Early Registration $1180.  Fees are NOT refundable, but are deferrable to future TreeSpirit trips at the discretion of The TreeSpirit Project.
INCLUDES: All lodging and transportation, Special Guest guides, all site tickets and permits, all breakfasts, most meals except 2 self-guided lunches and 2 self-guided dinners. All alcohol and airport transfers excluded.
• Fees do NOT include: airfare, travel insurance, airport transfers, alcohol
• Fees, availability, may change until your reservation is confirmed with a deposit.
• Payments accepted by check and credit/debit cards.

CONTACT JACK to RESERVE YOUR PLACE on this one-of-a-kind adventure!




TESTIMONIALS – People write about their experiences making a TreeSpirit photograph:

Hello Jack,
The picture looks MAGICAL.
Thank you for the positively delightful experience!
It was invigorating to be out in nature with so many wonderful individuals coming together on such a beautiful day.
I was honored to be a part of it.
– Mary M.


With great love…

Saturday morning there was no question I was going to be in your photograph.  It was a measure of how much more I have grown into my own body and the natural world I am surrounded by—it was completely natural and without hesitation that I found myself in the wilderness lying with so many others along a rocky trail.
As for the general motivation of my interest in the Tree Spirit Project – I’ve dreamt of trees for years. Truth be told I had an interesting experience with a tree as a child…but aside from that I grew up spending summers on an orchard in rural Virginia, climbing and losing myself in the woods for long hours. My dreams of trees—specifically people and trees melding—are a more recent event, but they’ve compelled me to seek out your photographs as tangible images of human and tree (or landscape) existing seamlessly together.
Thank you. I look forward to the next time I am able to participate!
– Amy K.


VIDEO: Watch Dame Judi Dench meet a 1,500-year-old yew tree that WE VISIT: