Living Valley (Willits, CA)

Living Valley (Willits, CA)
Living Valley
This bold demonstration of support for woodlands, wetlands, meadows and wildlife was held March 23, 2013 just outside the town of Willits, in Mendocino County, CA.

1950s-style big highway building is clashing with 21st century ecological concerns for clean water, land, and air in Willits.  Over 100 acres of green valley is being clearcut and wetlands filled in to build a new highway that most residents of the town oppose in an era of man-made global warming.


Caltrans (CA Dept. of Transportation) has bulldozed acres of land, chainsawed hundreds of mature trees, and draining 87 acres (!) of precious California wetlands.  Caltrans has ignored community outrage, increasing state-wide concerns, a California State Senator’s concerns, and a pending court challenge.  Peaceful demonstrators have been forcibly removed, and credentialed reporters and photographers denied access to document the massive environmental damage.


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