Eucalyptus Stand

Eucalyptus Stand
Eucalpytus Stand

“Eucalyptus Stand” created July 18, 2015, Berkeley, CA. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

July 18, 2015 — About 75 daring environmentalist, activists and citizens
who know the widespread demonization of eucalyptus trees is utter non-science gathered to put their bodies on the line to raise public awareness of the truth: eucalyptus trees are, after all, “just” trees, not the fire-breathing dragons the widespread misconceptions have misled the public to believe.

eucalpytus-forest-SF-Bay-8382-960x440p.WEB.jpg• LEARN THE REAL ISSUES IN THE controversial CLEARCUT CAMPAIGN in the SF Bay Area, CA, to cut down 450,000 healthy trees in our era of massive deforestation and climate change: CLICK HERE

• READ Huffington Post essay by Nathan Winograd, The Jewels in Oakland’s Crown: In Defense of Eucalyptus Trees, in defense of the mighty, beneficial, eucalyptus tree, a naturalized (not “invasive”) species creating oxygen, sequestering carbon, cooling the earth, and more for California for over 150 years: CLICK HERE











IN THE NEWS  Eucalyptus Stand” raises public awareness of the VALUE — and disproving alleged danger  — of eucalyptus trees:

KQED-News-2015-LOGO-WEB• KQED News story 7.19.15: CLICK HERE


CBS-SF-Bay-Area-LOGO-WEB • CBS News story 7.19.15:


NBC-Bay-Area-LOGO-WEB• NBC News story 7.20.15: CLICK HERE


• The Daily Caller news story 7.20.15: CLICK HERE

CampusReform-#1-SOURCE-FOR-COLLEGE-NEWS-LOGO • Campus Reform news story 7.22.15: CLICK HERE



CBS-Radio-LOGO-150pixelmicrophone-graphic-crop-narrow-150pKCBS RADIO INTERVIEW w. Jack Gescheidt, at the July 18, 2015 event, by Megan Goldsby: CLICK TO PLAY



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Dear Jack,

The photo [“Eucalyptus Stand” – Ed.] came out absolutely amazing!!!  How did you hide all the dressed people and our huge piles of belongings?…LOL

Blessings, and thank you so much for your beautiful and powerful work!

naked hugs,

                                                                                         – Gypsy Taub, August 2015

Press photo © 2015 Noah Berger, / Reuters