Cypress Body 2

Cypress Body


Cypress Body
I drove by this roadside tree in The Presidio in San Francisco dozens of times while I lived nearby.  One winter’s day the low-angle, late afternoon sun lit her up this dramatically; perfect studio lighting but with the effortlessness nature provides to those who watch, and wait.

This is what makes me a location photographer, someone who loves to make images in outdoor setings — and not just because that’s where trees grow.  I’m willing to be patient and persistent, returning to forests repeatedly at different times of the day and year until I find, or happen upon, the perfect lighting from the heavens rather than from an idling generator and a grip truck.

I’ve been back several times to this magnificent grove of Monterey Cypress trees to create different photos in the  TreeSpirit collection (including “Cypress Grove Climb”), but love this classic combination of human body and tree limbs, or human body as tree limbs.