Amedee Islanders (of New Caledonia)

Amedee Islanders (of New Caledonia)


Amedee Islanders

CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE, “Amedee Islanders,” TO ENLARGE IT.  This incredible scene took place on Amedee Lighthouse Island of New Caledonia (color photographs on this page).

Although many visit Amedee Island to see (and climb) its famous 56-meter-tall, 247-step iron lighthouse (and right), we of TreeSpirit were drawn to the island’s giant, old banyan trees that thrive in the sandy soil and beckon tree worshippers to explore.

Over 80 people participated in this photograph, though you’ll have to work to find them all without seeing a large print.  Many in this fun-loving group were happy to climb up and in, merging with this huge, magical, ever-expanding creature.

A second, more intimate photograph in this giant banyan was made this same day (CLICK TO VIEW): “Amedeean”

This was during a delightful day-long excursion on a 2-week-long clothing-optional cruise created by Bare Necessities.  More info about this and upcoming cruises, with opportunities to participate in a new TreeSpirit photo, LOOKEE HERE.



SEE 2nd TreeSpirit photograph made here, “Amedeean.”


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Amedee Lighthouse Island, a tiny paradise just 20km from Noumea.

Amedee Lighthouse Island, a tiny paradise just 20km from Noumea.