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Change happens because of social movements,
not because of political parties.
” – Tom Hayden


TreeSpirit is sustained by caring people like you who feel a profound care for the natural world.

We and “the world” are not separate things, of course; there ARE no separate things, only the limitations of language, and our limitations in perceiving deeper truths, about what’s really going on here on Earth.  Peer below the surface…FEEL into nature… and delve into realms of mystery and wonder to find connection and belonging.

Your donation directly supports TreeSpirit’s mission and ongoing advocacy and activism for all things wild —trees, forests, wild animals and the untamed, undeveloped places  we need in order to not only thrive, but to survive.


Now go outside and spend time among trees…. especially now during the pandemic and all the other stresses people are now subjected to.  It will do your body, your mind and your soul a world of good.

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