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  • Way Down Upon The SuwanneeWay Down Upon The Suwannee

    Some of the beautiful, fun-loving people who come to The Bear Creek Music Festival braved the early morning chill to chill out with these buttressed cypress trees. These unique, dramatic trees draw water from a pond (visible in the background), popular with campers at this relaxed 4-day music festival in rural Florida. Read more about […]

  • We Are The RiverWe Are The River

    A human river draws the eye into a lush landscape of vibrant shrubs and trees, and made news in Marin County, California’s Pacific Sun newspaper.   Click on the article to enlarge.        

  • Wild RideWild Ride
  • Willow del Solwillow-del-sol-treespiritproject-5299-5300-1200p-web.jpg

    “Willow del Sol” is 1 of 3 TreeSpirit photographs made October 8, 2016 at Laguna del Sol, the popular clothing-optional resort in Wilton, CA.   A beautiful, warm autumn day in California welcomed all those who gathered to frolic among trees surrounding this famous, clothing-optional resort’s Lake Archie for 3 TreeSpirit photographs in all. Click […]