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  • Sequoia AdorationSequoia-Adoration-TreeSpiritProject-©JackGescheidt-1000p-WEB

    “Sequoia Adoration” was made on The Giant Sequoias Experience, a one-of-a-kind TreeSpirit Project trip with Jack Gescheidt that you can experience for yourself.  LEARN MORE about the Experience. Bathe in the power and presence of giant trees thousands of years old, and have your own unique portrait made here. The ancient groves of these huge […]

  • SistersSisters-TreeSpirit-Project-4466-1000p-web.JPG

    These two beautiful Sisters grew up, right next to each other, side-by-side, over hundreds upon hundreds of years. They have sheltered and protected each other from wind and fire, grown tall and strong together, each aiding the other in a grove of giant trees. When human beings visit these ancient tree beings, we may be […]

  • Spanish Moss One"Spanish Moss One"
  • Spanish Moss Two"Spanish Moss Two"