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  • Pino del SolPino-del-Sol-5516-1000p-web.jpg

    “Pino del Sol” is 1 of 2 TreeSpirit photographs made November 25, 2016 at Arroya del Sol, a clothing-optional Bed & Breakfast in Pasadena, CA. A beautiful, warm SoCal autumn day, the day after Thanksgiving, made our tree play California relaxed and easy. It was a heart-warming way to give thanks, in community, to this […]

  • PrometheusPrometheus-Treespirit-Project-5187-1000p-WEB

    Fire.  It is one of any forest’s most powerful, elemental, regenerative forces, clearing forest canopies for more life-giving sunlight, opening the seeds of trees in their intense heat, and adding fresh nutrient to the soil in the form of ash and charcoal, the food and dramatic habitat for countless creatures crawling, walking and flying above […]