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  • Giant Bay 4 NymphsGiant Bay 4 Nymphs
  • Ginkgo Healing CircleGinkgo Healing Circle
  • GolemGolem

    The making of Golem exemplifies the bumpersticker wisdom, “People plan, the gods laughs…just wing it!”  My vision and planning, while essential to the process, had little in common with this final image. This venerable Monterey Cypress overlooks the famous Cliff House at the western edge of San Francisco.  I loved this stout fellow the first […]

  • GranddaughterGranddaughter
  • Grandmother SkyGrandmother Sky
  • Grandmother Tree (empty)Grandmother Tree (empty)

    “Grandmother,” the stunning coast live oak—hundreds of years old—that sparked Jack’s imagination and started The TreeSpirit Project—read the story how. By popular demand, this image is available as she first appeared, before all the naked people came to play in her branches. For the purist who loves trees without all those bodies… Funds from all […]

  • Grandmother’s ChildrenGrandmothers Children
  • Grandson Yin Grandson YangGrandson Yin Grandson Yang