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  • Electric ForestElectric-Forest-TreeSpirit-Project.jpg

    “Electric Forest” is the 2nd of two TreeSpirit photographs made July 30, 2016 at Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos, CA during the 2016 Western Naturists Gathering. Clothing-optional Lupin offers members and visitors 110 acres of private property which includes seemingly endless woodlands and trails to explore.  Feel fully alive and free in nature — among […]

  • ElementalElemental (click to enlarge)

    Dozens of courageous forest fans showed both determination and devotion to Strawberry Rock and the surrounding forest in Trinidad, CA (in Humboldt County), to create “Elemental,” on April 27, 2013. They are part of a community effort to preserve and restore this second-growth redwood forest — all its old-growth has long since been logged.  But current […]

  • English OakEnglish Oak
  • Eucalyptus EntwinedEucalyptus Entwined

    I was told about this spectacular eucalyptus tree in Pescadero, CA by Shawn, a fellow dancer and nature lover.  He  called it “The Plumbing Tree” because its intricate branches reminded him of elaborate pipe works.  For reasons only it knows, it grew more sideways than upward. Many of the trees in the Project have been […]

  • Eucalyptus StandEucalyptus-Stand-7-18-15-1200p-WEB

    July 18, 2015 — About 75 daring environmentalist, activists and citizens who know the widespread demonization of eucalyptus trees is utter non-science gathered to put their bodies on the line to raise public awareness of the truth: eucalyptus trees are, after all, “just” trees, not the fire-breathing dragons the widespread misconceptions have misled the public […]

  • Eucalyptus UnionEucalyptus Union
  • EvolutionEvolution

    Feb. 10, 2014 — Over 145 playful nature lovers rose up out of the sea — as our ancient predecessors did millions of years ago.  They moved en masse onto land, attracted to the line of tropical pine trees helping maintain this island paradise in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, about 100 miles south of […]