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  • Bay CommunionBay Communion
  • Bay ConsciousnessBay Consciousness
  • Bay CreaturesBay Creatures

    Made in a stand of California Bay Laurel with tree lovers on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, CA. The creation of this peaceful artwork in nature was covered by the Marin Independent Journal.      

  • Bay FaerieBay Faerie

    This massive California Bay Laurel has a powerful presence I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many times.  Its aliveness, its strength, is palpable, as if it could uproot itself at any moment and walk off into the forest, carrying with it the comparatively delicate woman pictured here. It crushed a chain link fence as its […]

  • Bay GatheringBay Gathering

    This magnificent California Bay Laurel looks and feels like a tree creature from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” as if a door would open up in massive, furrowed trunk and would step Bilbo Baggins. She put down her ancient roots just yards from a lake so she must have an endless supply of water from […]

  • Beloved OakBeloved Oak
  • Big Bay AttachedBigBayAttached_900pixel_WEB
  • Big Wood LoveBig-Wood-Love-TreeSpiritProject-Jack-0148-1000p-WEB

    “Big Wood Love” shows one man’s feelings for…a tree.  Granted, this is no ordinary tree, but a redwood tree over 1,000 years old in Humboldt County, California. If we humans can feel and express our ancient connection to all trees, of all species, we may be able to pull ourselves back from the brink of […]

  • Birch BeingsBirch Beings

    Read the story behind the the making of this first, intimate TreeSpirit photograph in Maine, which made the local paper in Bar Harbor.