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  • Alive On The InsideAlive On The Inside

    This photograph was made with a real, live, giant, ancient redwood tree in Humboldt County, CA.  And real, live people. It is not a Photoshop assembly, nor retouched to add people or distort the sizes or scale of humans or this massive tree’s trunk. All of these redwood fanciers squeezed themselves inside and stacked themselves […]

  • Amedee Islanders (of New Caledonia)Amedee Islanders

    CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE, “Amedee Islanders,” TO ENLARGE IT.  This incredible scene took place on Amedee Lighthouse Island of New Caledonia (color photographs on this page). Although many visit Amedee Island to see (and climb) its famous 56-meter-tall, 247-step iron lighthouse (and right), we of TreeSpirit were drawn to the island’s giant, old banyan trees […]

  • Amedeean"Amedeean"

    CLICK ON “Amedeean” ABOVE TO ENLARGE IT and see more of the spirit hidden within this giant banyan tree.  Several banyans grow here on Amedee Island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific.  They aren’t what this atoll is famous for, but have been here longer than the island’s few man-made tourist attractions. They are […]

  • Ancient Oak JourneyAncient Oak Journey
  • AngelsAngels

    ORDER “ANGELS” Fine Art Print at bottom of page 2015 UPDATE: After years of advocacy, the local community, galvanized by one unstoppable young woman motivated by deep love for this magnificent, ancient tree, has successfully raised over $3,000,000 to purchase the Angel Oak’s surrounding forest.  It will be protected from development and enjoyed by future […]

  • Arbol del SolArbol-del-Sol-1200p-web.jpg

    “Arbol del Sol” is 1 of 2 TreeSpirit photographs made November 25, 2016 at Arroya del Sol, a clothing-optional Bed & Breakfast in Pasadena, CA. A beautiful, warm SoCal autumn day, the day after Thanksgiving, made our tree play California relaxed and easy. It was a great way to say thanks to all the beautiful […]

  • Art PostersTeaTreeTangle_POSTER_WEB

    NEW!  “In The Land of The Ancients”  18×24″ POSTER This breath-taking image features dozens of forest lovers standing up for Trinidad Forest (north of Arcata, CA), facing a planned clear cut of its recovering, second-growth trees.  Atop massive Strawberry Rock, they celebrate this forest, the land, and majesty of this rock outcropping to galvanize community […]

  • AscensionAscension