Commission your own TreeSpirit artwork


Immortalize your affection for trees, or one specific tree, by having TreeSpirit founder Jack Gescheidt create a beautiful, original, one-of-a-kind TreeSpirit photograph.  This can be of you, you and your beloved, or your group of tree admirers or nature lovers.  Gift this one-of-a-kind experience and artwork to someone you know who’d treasure it. 

Imagine your special someone and you photographed in harmony with a favorite old tree friend, or a spectacular new-to-you one Jack will introduce you to.  The tree may be local to you, or in a far-off, exotic locale.

Commissions may be clothed or unclothed.



Fee includes:

initial consultation to discuss your commission’s possibilities;

additional discussions to choose a specific tree or forest, and then logistics and scheduling;

Jack on location with you for your session, creating original images from which you’ll select a favorite;

large 40″ Fine Art Print of your favorite image, to savor, share with friends, and treasure forever.

Fees starts at $7500 and vary with location, travel expenses, distance (from Jack’s SF Bay Area of CA).

Email Jack with questions.

Schedule your custom TreeSpirit photograph with Jack now.