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What do living trees have in common with The Living Dead?   Many people have been conditioned to fear them both, despite no rational reasons to do so.  In the case of eucalyptus trees, particularly in California where millions grow today, no scientific studies show they pose any more danger than other trees do.  Yet […]

…in the media: On Saturday, July 18th about 75 environmentalists gathered with me to stand up for eucalyptus trees, to challenge popular myths and misconceptions portraying them as, well, killers. We made a daring new TreeSpirit photograph, “Eucalyptus Stand,” to dramatize the harmlessness and vulnerability (to human destruction) of eucalyptus trees which are, despite persistent […]

  Whenever I show TreeSpirit photographs to a group, I know I’ll get The Question: “Why are all the people naked?” But with this enthusiastic group in San Francisco last week (March 2015), I got a very different first question (I’m paraphrasing): “Why are most of your photos black-and-white, but one was in color?” Way […]

Whenever someone learns I’m going on nude cruises — and making TreeSpirit photographs during them — I have to clarify two points.  First, that a nude cruise is a cruise specially arranged for nudists and naturists.  Second, that I don’t take photos on the ship, I give presentations of The TreeSpirit Project while at sea, […]

Professor Suzanne Simard, University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Forestry, in a short video by Dan McKinney, on how trees in a forest interact with each other, and other life forms. You can quickly see some of the ideas in James Cameron’s “Avatar.”  Despite the lack of pyrotechnics in this video, take note this is […]

Courageous woman in a tree to preserve Willits valley

She’s risking her life on limbs to draw attention to an environmentally destructive highway construction project, “The Willits Bypass.”  That’s a 6-mile-long, 2-lane highway.  It includes a 1-mile-long 30-foot-tall concrete viaduct.  And it will cut right through a valley meadow criss-crossed with streams and a wetlands.  Which means The Willits Bypass project will drain and […]

British Petroleum (BP oil) pleads GUILTY to 14 CRIMINAL (not negligence) CHARGES in the disastrous Gulf of Mexico spill (link at bottom).  Financial reparations are still being calculated and negotiated, but the first fine is $4 billion over five years.  My point: this is more proof – as if we need it—that it’s actually cheaper […]

One of my missions with TreeSpirit, before and after making compelling photographs, is to continually repeat and share and spread the word that we humans can’t survive without trees.  They do so much for us it’s difficult to fully comprehend or appreciate this fact—and because they seem ubiquitous, we often take them for granted. I […]

If you believe climate change is real, and caused by human activity, read no further. But if you’re NOT convinced by mounting evidence that we’re responsible for heating things up on Earth, then read on. And I thank you for visiting a treehugging artist’s website. Let’s say climate change is NOT happening or, if it […]

English author Matthew Silverstone writes eloquently about the benefits of hugging trees in his new book, “Blinded by Science.“  In fact he credits one tree with healing his son and inspiring him to write this book which covers a range of topics. (See italicized excerpt below.) I do wonder if his approach is genuinely “scientific” […]

See the moving trailer for a 33-min. documentary film about one man, Joel Tauber, who takes it upon himself to care and lobby for one small tree surrounded by a sea of pavement in a parking lot in southern California—home of The Rose Bowl!: Read more about it: